Snap Cap Dummy Rounds

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I am tired of hearing about people accidentally shooting themselves while training. It's the stupidest thing EVER to use live ammunition when practicing drills, especially when the cost of proper training tools is so affordable. 

Package of 5 Dummy Rounds

  • Totally inert.
  • New Nickel case with ABS plastic insert (Orange)makes the round highly visible.
  • The brass case eliminates rim breakage and the one-piece ABS insert will not compress.
  • Available in .380acp, 9mm, .40S&W, and .45acp.

Completely inert dummy training round. A MUST have for training, loading/reloading drills, gun handling drills, malfunction drills, and diagnosing shooting problems. Each round uses a solid metal case so there is no chance of rim breakage.