Bore Boss

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I've been using Hoppe's Boresnake for over 15 years but let me tell you, this BORE BOSS is a game-changer. 

REAL AVID  took all the problems I had storing my bore snakes and fixed them with this easy roll storage case. Having the caliber right in the wheel saved me so many times.

With my old bore snakes I never know which caliber was which and if you've ever tried to pull the wrong caliber bore snake through a barrel you know what I mean.


The single-piece Dual Action Cable with integrated phosphor bronze brush and braided mop wraps around the unique Flex-Case Handle to keep the system stowed and organized. To use, simply flip, feed, clip and pull. Throw it in your pack, or put it in your pocket. It’s the next best thing to a self-cleaning gun.



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