Dry Fire Barrel Block

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 A simple and inexpensive tool to help you practice safely with your firearm. Accidental shootings would not happen if people would take the necessary steps and use the tools that are made available to us.  

The barrel block is orange in color and is inserted from the chamber end of the barrel. The rear part block the chamber, preventing a live round from being fired. The front part of the block extends out of the front of the barrel approximately 1/4 of an inch, providing a visual indicator that the firearm is disabled.

Train Safe …

  • Safely disables firearm for training purposes.
  • The firearm cannot be fired with Train Safe in place.
  • Provides a visually safe way to store firearms at home.
  • Provides a visually safe way to display firearms in retail stores or gun shows.
  • Delivers visual evidence of disabled firearm even with chamber closed.
  • Live rounds cannot be fired with Train Safe in place.
  • Visual indicators in the chamber and out of the barrel confirm that the weapon is disabled.

Made in The U.S.A