When to Use a Firearm in Home Defense

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There are some serious myths that go around about what is and what is not self-defense in your home. If you have ever wondered when you are allowed to use your firearm in home defense, this course will explain it clearly. You will know when you can not use your firearm in Home Defense.

When it comes to using a firearm in home defense, I find many gun owners get it all wrong and end up in trouble with the law.

 In fact, I see it almost every day.

In the news, in conversations with students, on the internet, it’s everywhere in the concealed carry community.

With students and even long-time concealed carry holders, it sounds something like this.

“ Yea I know the Castle Doctrine. My home and my car are my castle and I can shoot someone if they are in my house or my car.”

As soon as I hear statements like that I know something…

They know just enough of the Castle Doctrine to get themselves thrown in prison.

There are tons of well-meaning people believing they understand the Castle Doctrine that ends up with a judge or jury deciding they did not understand the Castle Doctrine Statute and they have broken the law.

With fines and/or sentencing to follow.

Trust me. You don’t want that to happen to you.

You see, there are two very powerful presumptions that we are granted under the Castle Doctrine Statute.

But there are also four ways these presumptions can be nullified.

In this online course I’ll take you through the Florida Castle Doctrine so you know exactly what it says about when you can use, or threaten the use of deadly force AND Non-deadly force.

For Instance...

In December of 2018, Jessica was inside her home with her children when she heard a noise outside and saw a naked woman destroying her Christmas decorations on the lawn and on her house.

Jessica ushers her children to safety and calls 911.

At that moment the crazed woman began breaking the glass in the front door with a landscaping brick to gain entry.

Question: What should Jessica do at that moment?

How about this one:

You pull into a gas station and leave your car running. Someone gets in your car and starts driving away.

Question: Can you open fire under the Castle Doctrine?

On August 262019, a group of motorcycle riders began blocking the road so others in the group could perform stunts. One man decided he wasn’t going to wait and drove around the motorcycle barricade and proceeded on his way.

Several pursued him and began to attack his vehicle and surrounded him. As he stopped at a red light, the bikers intensified their attack. The driver then pulled a weapon and fired through the window striking a 17-year old male.

Question: Does this scenario fall under the Castle Doctrine Statutes? 

Question: You walk outside and see someone breaking into your neighbor's car…can you stop them? Or should you retreat?

Question: Your sliding door is wide open and a person walks into your home. Can you use deadly force? 

Question: Do you know the meaning of forcible felony? What does it include?

Question: Can you shoot someone if they are on your property and you’re in a heated argument and you’ve asked them to leave?

Question: A person hops my fence and is in my backyard? Can I threaten to shoot them if they don’t leave?

Question: A person breaks into my home but doesn’t have a weapon? What level of force can I use?

Question: What if someone is breaking into my vehicle at night? What level of force can I use?

Question: Is it okay to answer the front door of my home with a gun in my hand?

If you can’t answer these questions about the scenarios presented - you need this course.

Plus, you will discover: 

Questions you must ask yourself before using or threatening deadly force.

What does unlawful entry mean?

What does “by force” mean?

Dwelling - What does it mean? Your attached porch? A tent?

Residence - You're invited to a birthday party and a bad person tries to break in can you, as a guest, use or threaten the use of deadly force?

Where is the line in the sand?

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

What does an occupied vehicle mean?

This course will give you the knowledge you need - to know where you stand - no matter what the scenario. 

Let me ask you?… Do you want to know the Castle Doctrine or would you rather just think you know?

And if you think you already know everything about the Castle Doctrine, odds are you’re like most concealed carry permit holders that have taken this course and discovered they didn’t know it as they should.