The Experts Guide to Traveling & Transporting Firearms

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Do you travel often or plan to travel? Learn how to travel with a firearm and what to do if pulled over by the police.


Transporting and traveling with a firearm in your vehicle or on a plane is a simple process if you know exactly what you can and can not do.

And if that’s not enough…

You must also know what you should and should not do.

I’m talking about the little things that aren’t official laws.

Knowing these details can mean the difference between a smooth, incident-free trip, or long-drawn-out hassles and delays that can result in missing your flight and possibly finding out what pavement tastes like.

Although traveling and transporting guns is a simple process it should never be taken lightly.

Case in point:

I have a student right now that is currently serving a three-year jail sentence because they made a mistake that landed them in a cage for three years along with tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but you don’t want that to happen to you.

It won’t happen to you if you take advantage of my knowledge gained from traveling at least six times per year with a gun over the last decade.

That means you can leverage what I learned from over sixty trips through the airport, in a vehicle and getting pulled over by law enforcement more than once.


The Experts Guide to Traveling & Transporting Firearms Online Course.

Everything you need to know to legally and safely transport a gun.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get With This Online Course:


Traveling and transporting a firearm in your personal vehicle.

  •  How to transport a firearm in your vehicle with or without a concealed carry permit.

  •  A breakdown of the Florida statutes so you know exactly what they mean.

  •  The two legal options to transport your firearm.

  •  Does your gun have to be locked up securely if you don’t have a concealed carry?

  •  Can you transport a loaded gun? The answer may surprise you.

  •  The smart way to carry/The only way to carry a concealed weapon in your car.

  •  How driving home from work is connected to your firearm skills.


What to do when you get pulled over by the police:

In this section of the course, we’ll go through scenarios if you are pulled over by law enforcement.

  • Are you required in Florida to tell the officer you have a gun?

  • Should you tell the officer you have a gun?

  • How to avoid finding out what pavement tastes like.

 Traveling with your firearm to another state:

  • Should you take your firearm? Is it worth the risk?

  • What reciprocity laws really mean and don’t mean.

  • The 37 states that honor Florida’s reciprocity law.

  • The states you should think twice about before you travel with a firearm.

  • The high-risk states can land you in jail even if you follow federal law.

  • You can still go to jail in “gun-friendly” states - what you should do before any travel with a firearm.

  • The websites you can use to research the laws and how they apply to you.

  • Questions you must ask before you travel to another state.

  • States you can not carry concealed unless you want to risk fines and jail time.


Transporting guns at the airport or on a plane:

It’s not hard if you know how - But you will be punished with delays, hassles and maybe worse IF you do something wrong.

  • What is the TSA’s policy?

  • How ammo needs to be packaged and how much you can bring.

  • How many locks are required on your firearm case? (It’s easy to mess this one up).

  • Knowing your airline’s policy.

  • Something you need to do before you head out to the airport. This will extinguish a lot of fires before they start.

  • The laws of your final destination state.

  • The first thing you are legally required to do when traveling by air - AND exactly how to do it so you don’t make it a big deal.  

  • Who you talk to first at the airport when transporting a firearm.

  • How to let authorities know you have a firearm while minimizing the panic factor.

  • Two things that will happen at a TSA screening.


Transporting Guns Outside the U.S.

  • Steps you must take here and the final destination to transport a gun.