How to Choose the Best Firearm for You + eBook

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“I bought this gun as my everyday concealed carry and now I wish I hadn’t bought it.”

I’ve heard that statement from hundreds of my concealed carry students.

They purchase a firearm that someone recommends or that they’ve shot at the range. Other times they go to the gun store and look at several guns before making a careful decision and STILL end up disappointed after just a few days.

How does this happen?

The short answer: Just because a firearm is a good fit for someone else doesn’t mean it will be for you.

But if we delve deeper it comes down to several factors ranging from your physical ability, your confidence with firearms, your personal preference and even where you plan to physically carry your firearm on your body.

And then to make matters worse, some factors you will overcome in time like grip strength.

But the size of your hand, that isn’t going to change.

And to make the challenge even more difficult, the sheer amount of pistols in the marketplace for concealed carry is HUGE and growing daily.

With all the choices AND all the voices in the world saying, ‘this is a great weapon choice,’ how can a person hope to get the right firearm for them the first time?

And it isn’t like buying a gun is a $3 purchase at the convenience store. You’re making a substantial investment.

Why waste hundreds of dollars on a gun you don’t like and won’t carry?

Here’s a question I ask new concealed carry holders…

If you don’t have a gun that you will carry every day, that you can shoot with confidence if you ever have to…why bother getting a permit in the first place?

It was after having hundreds, probably more like thousands of conversations with people that I decided it was time to put everything new gun buyers need to make an informed decision all in one place so you can buy the right firearm the first time.