Sheepdog Masterclass Level 1 - Advanced Shooting

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Sheepdog Masterclass Level-1

Advanced Shooting

After completing the Sheepdog Masterclass Level-1 you will be able to; 

  • Shoot lightning fast while maintaining accuracy. 
  • Safely perform emergency reloads.
  • Confidently draw from concealment.
  • Engage a target without using your sights.
  • Press your trigger smoothly and consistently. 
  • Master the most important drill in pistol shooting.
  • Make accurate hits on the target one-handed.
  • And so much more… 

How Every Gun Owner Can Protect Their Family From A Violent Attack, Even If They Are New To Shooting…

The Sheepdog Masterclass 

Inside of my book Florida Concealed Carry Law, I introduced a concept that I call the three pillars of self-defense. These three pillars include awareness, effective decision-making, and the application of skill. Let's take a moment to review these three pillars of self-defense. 

Pillar #1 Awareness 

Awareness is the art of maintaining a 360-degree knowledge of your environment and the people who occupy it. It is also the skill of analyzing body language for pre-incident indicators that signal that an attack is imminent. 

Pillar #2 Effective Decision Making 

Effective decision-making is the process of analyzing a potential threat and determining the best course of action that is authorized by law. This could include avoiding the threat or using your firearm to neutralize the threat. To master the skill of effective decision making you must develop a deep understanding of Florida concealed carry law. 

Pillar #3 The Application of Skill 

Finally, we have the application of skill which is the highest level of skill that an individual has achieved. 

Every year I train thousands of people to not only survive a violent attack but to dominate. I've noticed that most people have this false belief that they will somehow be able to perform at a level they have never trained or developed their skills for.

I believe this mindset comes from action movies, where we typically see a common theme among storylines: An everyday person has something tragic happen to himself or his family and seeks revenge. We then watch as this individual — who has no background in defensive shooting — clearing rooms, kicking open doors, manipulating a firearm, and killing the enemy.

Deep down inside, 90% of gun owners think they will be able to perform like this and manipulate their firearms at a high level due to their false belief that they will rise to the occasion. 

Unfortunately, humans do not rise to the occasion. We will always fall back to our highest level of training. Those of you who have not taken the time to develop advanced shooting skills will crumble under the pressure. However, your punishment for failing to develop the necessary skills will be far greater than getting laughed at on social media.

Your punishment will be spending the rest of your life knowing that life could have been saved if only you had taken the time to develop the necessary skills to use your firearm during a violent attack. 

The Sheepdog Masterclass Series is broken down into six levels,  and each level includes the following:

VIDEO TRAINING: Video Course explaining and demonstrating how each of the courses is executed.


BOOK & TARGETS: Paperback book with each level with each drill explained, how to read your targets, and shooting logs.

LIVE TRAINING: Complete each level at the range with Ryan demonstrating the advanced shooting drills under pressure.