21 Day Dry Fire Challenge Course + Training Kit

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Everything You Need To Dominate a Violent Attack for Less Than One Trip to The Range!

I’m going to let you in on something that many gun owners don’t realize until it’s too late. 

Here it is…

Just because you’re the good guy doesn’t guarantee you’ll survive a violent attack..…AND there’s a big difference between surviving a violent attack and DOMINATING it. 

Violent attacks happen lightning-fast and if you haven’t prepared for it you will be the VICTIM. 

In fact, far too many people have found out too late they were not prepared even though they had a concealed carry permit and carried their firearm daily.

Common sense tells you that the worst time to discover you aren’t ready for a violent attack is when you’re in the middle of a violent attack.

So Why Are So Many People Unprepared?

The main reason people aren’t prepared when violence strikes aren’t because they don’t want to be prepared, but rather they don’t know how to prepare.

And let’s be honest, if you practice enough with live fire training to be truly prepared for a violent attack, you’ll need to take out a loan to pay for ammo. Not to mention the range fees, the time it takes to get to and from the range, and the fact that it takes a huge amount of motivation and commitment.

That’s why I created this training...

So you could master the fundamentals of fast, accurate, shooting and give yourself the upper hand if you are ever violently attacked.

With My Revolutionary 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge You Will Be Prepared For Any Violent Self Defense Situation From the Comfort of Your Home - In Your Spare Time.

Here Are A Few Of The Life-Saving Techniques You’ll Discover In This Simple Yet Comprehensive Course

  • ​The shooting position has many strategic and practical advantages. You’ll learn to incorporate this position as one of your foundational positions that signal your brain that you have not identified an immediate threat.
  • One of the secrets to consistent accuracy lies in pressing the trigger. This drill will show you how to achieve the perfect trigger press that will keep your groups tight…even during a high-pressure situation.
  • ​Instinctively hit your target from 9 to 15 ft away without ever using your sights. Your brain will want to keep your eyes on the threat, not your sights. It’s critical to gain this skill so you’re prepared for a violent attack.
  • Precision shooting using your sights. Sight Picture - How to train and strengthen your eyes to achieve a crystal clear focus on the most important aspects of the sight picture.
  • Rapidly transition your focus exactly like you would if in a high-pressure fast-moving situation. You will take precision shots quickly.
  • ​3 steps to nail multiple targets (threats) quickly. How to avoid the most common mistake shooters make that wastes time and causes you to miss your target. Make defensive shots more accurately and efficiently. 
  • ​The most common reload scenario in a self-defense situation and how to master it. It could mean the difference between coming home alive…or dead.
  • ​Nothing else matters if your firearm is in the holster. Two most common concealed carry positions and how to master each one. Plus, the one common mistake that drastically increases your chances of an accident.
  • ​How to immediately get back in the fight if all you hear is a “click” when you pull the trigger. 
  • How to efficiently and instinctively clear a malfunction of your firearm without even thinking about it.
  • During a life or death attack staying in one place can get you killed. You’ll see exactly how to move and when to move so you can be ready to shoot while making yourself a difficult target.
  • ​Many concealed carry holders remove their gun and put it somewhere like the center console every time they get into their vehicle - Discover the two reasons this is WRONG and learn how to have your firearm easily accessible while in your vehicle. 
  • ​It’s not always possible to have both hands free when you’re presented with a violent attack. How to quickly present your firearm one-handed and fire while reducing felt recoil. How to quickly get on the threat from a one-handed presentation. In a perfect world, a two-handed presentation is best…but what if that’s not possible?


What's Included

  • The 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge Course...(Value $59)
  • Five Bonus Dry Fire Training Drills....(Value $19)
  •  Soft Cover Dry Fire Workbook...(Value $20)
  • ​Front Sight Focus String...(Value $10)
  • Grip & Trigger Finger Strengthening Egg.....(Value $10)
  • Dry Fire Barrel Block...(Value $7)
  • 5 ​Premium Aluminum Dummy Rounds...(Value $15)
  • ​Two Dry Fire Training Targets...(Value $5)
  • Access to my Private Facebook Group...(Value $20)



Discover the critical skills needed to truly“level the field” and give you your best chance of dominating…no matter what situation you encounter during a violent attack.

Bonus Drill #1

Straight from my Advanced Concealed Carry course level 1. When you train to integrate your body's natural reactions into your dry fire training, you’ll truly be ready for anything that comes at you. Neglect this training and you’ll be at a massive disadvantage should a violent attack occur.

BONUS DRILL #2: The Turn & Present

You’re walking down the street and you hear a loud bang behind you…this simple drill will help you naturally react so you can be ready to engage the threat.

BONUS DRILL #3: Strong Hand & Off Hand

This drill puts you among the 1% that can use a firearm with both hands if needed.  

BONUS DRILL #4: The Restaurant Drill
You're sitting in a restaurant having dinner with your spouse. As you’re scanning the room you notice a man enter holding a knife. You have a fraction of a second…what will you do?  This drill makes you fully prepared.

BONUS DRILL #5: Transitioning Between Hands
You should spend most of your time training with your dominant hand. So why learn to transition between hands? You’ll discover two very good reasons that will increase your chances of survival.

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