Florida Concealed Carry Law Course + Law Book

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Already have your concealed carry permit but you'd like to get an in-depth look at Florida Concealed Carry law? This course is the perfect tool to help you understand on a very deep level when you can and can not use your firearm in self-defense. 

Comes with the video course and Florida Concealed Carry Law Book. You can choose from the paperback, digital or audio book version. 

We will also cover these topics;

  • Why do you want to carry a gun
  • Course Overview
  • What Concealed Carry Means
  • What is Printing and Why is It Important?
  • What if Someone Accidentally Sees Your Firearm?
  • What Other Weapons Can I Carry Besides a Gun?
  • Is Open Carry Legal in Florida?
  • Where Can I Legally Carry My Firearm?

  • Prohibited by Federal Law
  • No Guns Allowed Signs
  • Can My Employer Prohibit Concealed Carry?
  • Using or Threatening Deadly Force
  • The Michael Drejka Shooting
  • What is Brandishing?
  • Should You Shoot to Kill or Shoot to Wound?
  • Firearm Safety Rules